Saturday, December 27, 2008

What to do when your Chicago carpets get flooded

The first thing you must do when your carpets experience a major flash flood from heavy rains or a busted pipe is to immediately get all of your items off of the carpet. You want to save your valuables and also you don't want any rust staining or bleeding of furniture stain to discolor your carpet. Rust stains and wood furniture bleeding does not come out of your carpet. So move everything off of your rug. Then you must take the first important step of removing your padding that's underneath the carpeting. You must remove your padding because you will never dry it out by leaving it fester beneath the carpet. If you do not get the padding removed and all water vaccumed out of your carpets withing 24-48 hours then the nasty smell of mold and mildew will set in. This is why you must call a professional carpet cleaner . Then High power blowers must be placed underneath the carpets to let them flap and dry. The drying process will take up to 3 days. After your carpets are fully dry then you must have your carpet cleaning professional place new padding down and then re-install the carpeting. Before your carpets are re-installed they must be professionally cleaned with a germicide and a sanitizer to kill all mold and mildew. When your carpet is cleaned, sanitized, germicided and properly installed then your carpet cleaning professional must spray down a sanitizing and odor killing solution to insure no return of any foul odors. FOR FLOOD DAMAGED CARPETS IN CHICAGO PLEASE CLICK HERE flood damage cleanup in Chicago must be done with patience and care. 60611 60612 60613 60614 60625 60626 60657 60660
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